About us

The Hungarian Association for Hagiographical Studies concentrates upon the Christian cult of saints from the Biblical times until present days, from the East to the West. The cult of saints is the most richly documented area Christianity: next to textual sources (hagiographies, legends, sermons, list of miracles, liturgical feasts, canonizations) there are geographical, material and visual (relics, holy places, shrines, pilgrimage sites, ikons, statues, frescoes, etc.) vestiges. The hagiography researched in the context of theology, philosophy, religious history, church history, political history, art history, sociology, folklore and anthropology became the driving force of the interdisciplinarity and the reformation of methodology. The aim of the Hungarian Association for Hagiographical Studies is to boost Hungarian research on hagiography through critical editions, translations, monographies, lectures and conferences in cooperation with other scientific institutions and international research groups.