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A Magyar Hagiográfiai Társaság tisztelettel meghív minden érdeklődőt
Pietro Delcorno

(Central European University)

In front of the Divine Judge:

Staging Hagiographic Narratives in Renaissance Florence

című előadására

2019. február 25-én 17 órától

az ELTE BTK Szekfű Gyula Könyvtárába (Múzeum krt. 6-8. 1. em. 115.)

Pietro Delcorno


In front of the Divine Judge:

Staging Hagiographic Narratives in Renaissance Florence


The Florentine sacre rappresentazioni are a peculiar genre of confraternal theatre developed during the fifteenth century as an innovative form of religious instruction. By skilfully intertwining doctrinal discourses and theatrical strategies these spectacles constituted a memorable and powerful form of education. Within this dramatic genre, stories of saints had the lion share and served to present exemplary lives as well as to visualize theological concepts. To illustrate how hagiographical stories were appropriated and transformed on the stage, the paper will focus on the three dramas that aimed at entrenching a vivid idea of God’s eternal justice. Through dramatic scenes, lively dialogues, and material symbols, the plays staged the divine tribunal and used saints’ stories to provide the audience with an insight on a key theological and pastoral issue, namely the complex relationship between justice and mercy.





Brief biography


Pietro Delcorno, Ph.D, is Junior Core Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study of the Central European University, where he is developing a research project entitled Ordering Knowledge and Shaping Identity: Towards a Systematic Study of Lenten Sermon Collections. His research interests include medieval and early modern preaching, religious theatre, medieval biblical studies, and late medieval social history. Among his numerous contributions, he published two monographs: Lazzaro e il ricco epulone: Metamorfosi di una parabola fra Quattro e Cinquecento (Bologna: il Mulino, 2014); In the Mirror of the Prodigal Son: The Pastoral Uses of a Biblical Narrative (1200-1550) (Leiden: Brill, 2017).


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