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Events in Hungarian

The Hungarian Association for Hagiographical Studies organizes plenty of events in Hungarian. Their translated titles from the last two years are the followings. For further information see: (in Hungarian)


March 29 György Galamb: About the correspondence of Johannes de Capistrano

February 22 Gábor Klaniczay: The moment of miracle and the history of emotions

January 25 Mariann Slíz: Researches about surnames in the service of the hagiography


December 7 Virág Somogyvári: Representations and captions on Saint George on the late medieval bone saddles

November 16 Eszter Konrád: Teacher, Converter and Miracle-worker. The cult of Saint Anthony of Padua in medieval Hungary

September 28 Farkas Gábor Kiss – Ildikó Mária Bene – Annamária Kovács– Ádám Sebestyén– Márk Vrabély: Hungarian translation of Saint Hilarion from the seventeenth century

February 24 Judit Kis-Halas The heavenly female medical doctor’s apothecary. The church sphere of healing in the mirror of an 18th-century shrine


November 25 Baán Izsák: Hermit saint and diplomat

October 14 Dávid Falvay – Eszter Konrád– Ditta Szemere– Péter Ertl: The Meditaciones Vitae Christi and the hagiohraphy

May 27 Ottó Gecser: New plague saints in the 15th century

May 3 Piroska Nagy: Miracles and emotions around the dead body of Arialdo, the leader of the Milanese Pataria

March 12. Workshop about the hagiography as hymns